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SNB Uesugi ~ 2019 New Year ~

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The Results of the Fortune Slips Are?

[KAGEKATSU]: “Even though it’s not New Year’s Day, there’s a lot of people who came for the first shrine visit of the new year.”

[KAGEMOCHI]: “Yes, according to reports, there were even more worshipers on New Year’s morning. Well, I believe there are many visitors who come for the fortune slips here.”

[KANETSUGU]: “Ah, the fortune slips that were said to be really harsh. I hear it’s to the point where people even wonder if a great blessing is in there.”

[KAGEMOCHI]: “That is precisely why they wish to try and pull a great blessing here, isn’t it.”

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Sengoku Night Blood ~ 2018 Christmas ~

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Our Christmas

(Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays to everyone! This time I got SNB’s holiday message in time, hehe.)

[KAGEKATSU]: “Hey, have you heard of ‘Christmas’?”

[KANETSUGU]: “What the heck is that?”

[KAGEKATSU]: “It’s written on this tile print… and it seems to be a topic in the town as well.”

[KANETSUGU]: “… I see, so it’s like a type of festival we don’t hear around here.”

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SNB Kagemochi ~ 2* The Dark Tea Party ~

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The Dark Tea Party

[KAGEMOCHI]: “That a day would come where all of us have gathered… It is quite a strange sight, is it not.”

[MASANOBU]: “Truly. But everyone is currently unarmed and even tea has been prepared, so how about we converse peacefully.”

[MITSUHIDE]: “Confections have been brought from each of our lands as well. It would be interesting to eat and compare them.”

[KOJUUROU]: “I’ve prepared the tea. —-Here, it’s gone around to everyone now.”

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SNB Kagemochi ~ 5* Storm of Applause ~

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Even Monkeys

[KAGEMOCHI]: “…? That is…?”

I was walking through the castle town, having finished shopping, when something caught my eyes.

[KAGEMOCHI]: “What is she doing here…?”

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SNB Kagemochi ~ 4* A Presence Like Light ~

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Desirable Fact

It was a full moon this evening. Under the light of the moon, I drank together with Kenshin-sama for the first time in a while.

[KENSHIN]: “… About our conversation just now, she truly is a capable girl.”

[KAGEMOCHI]: “That is true. She is now someone the Uesugi Army cannot do without.”

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SNB Kagemochi ~ Awakening ~

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[YUZUKI]: (Where in the world did Kagemochi-san go…)

[YUZUKI]: (He should be exhausted after the battle…)

[YUZUKI]: (Oh no, it can’t be that something happened…!)

[KAGEMOCHI]: “… Oh my, what are you doing here…”

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SNB Uesugi ~ White Day ~

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“I have certainly received your feelings. I am grateful that you conveyed this.
Stay beside me from here on as well.”

Uesugi White Day messages!

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