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SNB Kenshin ~ Anniversary Scenario ~

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The sun was setting in the east and around the time it began to stain the area in warm colors, I was told that he wished to talk to me alone and so I came to the inner courtyard where he was waiting.

He said several things before he suddenly fell silent and directed an unusually serious gaze at me.

My breath caught at the dream-like sight of him, illuminated by the red light, and I—

—continued to stare at him like that. [voiced]

[KENSHIN]: “As time goes around, I have seen many moons with you. However, amid these changing times, I wish for this moment with you to stay the same.”

[KENSHIN]: “Please, I would like to ask of you to stay by my side hereafter as well. I wish to continue feeling that warmth of yours—“

—resolved myself to speak to him.

[KENSHIN]: “You’re asking if there is anything you can do for the Uesugi army, I see… You’ve done good for everyone. As you are now is more than enough.”

[KENSHIN]: “However… if you still insist, then please I would like you to smile. Your smiles become everyone’s encouragement.”

—unconsciously averted my eyes.

[KENSHIN]: “… If there is something that troubles you, then I would like you to tell me. I wish to be your strength, within the limits of what I can do.”

SNB Uesugi ~ 2019 New Year ~

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The Results of the Fortune Slips Are?

[KAGEKATSU]: “Even though it’s not New Year’s Day, there’s a lot of people who came for the first shrine visit of the new year.”

[KAGEMOCHI]: “Yes, according to reports, there were even more worshipers on New Year’s morning. Well, I believe there are many visitors who come for the fortune slips here.”

[KANETSUGU]: “Ah, the fortune slips that were said to be really harsh. I hear it’s to the point where people even wonder if a great blessing is in there.”

[KAGEMOCHI]: “That is precisely why they wish to try and pull a great blessing here, isn’t it.”

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SNB Kenshin ~ 2019 New Year’s Resolution ~

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Happy New Year. You aren’t cold, are you? You were praying with a serious expression as well at the New Year shrine visit. I will protect everyone without fail this year too as the general of Uesugi. That is my duty as the one who governs these lands. But… if this were to be permitted, I would like to convey a personal wish to you alone. I want you to continue to be by my side… Won’t you see through to the end, Uesugi’s future, with your own eyes beside me?

SNB Kenshin ~ 2019 New Year ~

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This is the second winter I’ve passed with you. Everyone is looking forward to ending the year with you this year too… Of course, I as well. It has grown cold recently and, perhaps, due to that I can’t help but long for your warmth… Upon reflection, I apologize to everyone but I shall monopolize you for the end of this year. I wish to greet the new year feeling you within my arms. Please, I’d like you to grant my desire with that pleasant warmth of yours—

Sengoku Night Blood ~ 2018 Christmas ~

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Our Christmas

(Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays to everyone! This time I got SNB’s holiday message in time, hehe.)

[KAGEKATSU]: “Hey, have you heard of ‘Christmas’?”

[KANETSUGU]: “What the heck is that?”

[KAGEKATSU]: “It’s written on this tile print… and it seems to be a topic in the town as well.”

[KANETSUGU]: “… I see, so it’s like a type of festival we don’t hear around here.”

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SNB Kenshin ~ Bond 1 ~

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(Been so busy I fell behind on Mouri chapter translations, but luckily I got this to translate! LOL).

[KENSHIN]: “The moon is beautiful this evening. And at last we are able to be alone together. Won’t you converse with me for a short while?”

[KENSHIN]: “Haha… your cheeks turn red immediately. I am simply staring at you, so why must you be so embarrassed.”

[KENSHIN]: “Will you show me your face more clearly?… It truly is warm. Your cheeks… and your lips as well—“

[KENSHIN]: “Mmn… Kisses with you sweetly intoxicates my heart.”

[KENSHIN]: “Each time I indulge myself in you like this, I have no choice but to acknowledge my feelings as just a man.”

SNB Kenshin ~ 2* A Parent and Child’s First Step ~

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A Parent and Child’s First Step

(Thank you to Cheek Rubsu for the commission!! I really like this card story too, so I’m happy you all get to see it now.)

[KENSHIN]: “It is meal time but there is no one here…”

[KENSHIN]: (Come to think of it, Kagie has an errand in the neighboring village, Kagemochi took a holiday today and said he would go into town…)

[KENSHIN]: (Kanetsugu is on an expedition to the neighboring territory. The one remaining is…)

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SNB Kenshin ~ 1st Anniversary ~

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“I wish to continue seeing that smile of yours, closer than anyone else, now and into the future.”

SNB Kenshin ~ Interactions ~

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Kenshin!? Stop!?!? I’m going to apologize ahead of time for all the links I’ve thrown in here because Kenshin insists on being cultured and keeps making me look things up. Apologies for the delay too because there was just so much to translate and not enough hours in the day.

3 Bronze Potions
20 Silver Potions
12 Gold Potions
5 Royal Potions

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SNB Kenshin ~ 2* Poems on Love ~

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Poems on Love

[KENSHIN]: “… What to do…”

[KAGEMOCHI]: “Kenshin-sama, you have a serious expression. Is something the matter?”

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SNB Kenshin ~ Awakening ~

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[YUZUKI]: (I’ve been summoned by Kenshin-san at this time… What in the world is it for?)

[YUZUKI]: “Good evening, Kenshin-san.”

[KENSHIN]: “Ah, you came.”

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Sengoku Night Blood ~ April Fools’ Day ~

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Oh no! It seems like the leaders in Sengoku Night Blood were teleported to our world. Here’s your adventure with them for just today!! (There’s a ton of tweets embedded in this post so be careful if you’re viewing this on mobile. Also, between specific tweets, SNB held polls to see who got a card story and I’ve inserted those in too.)

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SNB Uesugi ~ White Day ~

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“I have certainly received your feelings. I am grateful that you conveyed this.
Stay beside me from here on as well.”

Uesugi White Day messages!

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SNB Kenshin ~ 2018 New Year’s Resolution ~

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Happy New Year. This year will be an important year for our army. For the people, as the Uesugi Army, we must grow even further. It is the same for myself personally as well…… As the general governing these lands, I wish to be a lord who everyone will be proud of. I want you to see that with your own eyes by my side. It is a selfish wish, but please share this year with me as well–.

SNB Kenshin ~ 2018 New Year ~

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This year is only for a little while longer. Everyone is extremely happy to greet the new year together with you. Kagekatsu has been preparing everything in high spirits. I wonder what kind of year next year will be. Hopefully, I want to be the one closer than anyone else who sees your smile. –Please do not leave my side.