SNB Masanobu

SNB Masatoyo ~ 2* Future Brides ~

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(Thank you to waterinegirl for the commission! Note: this is a card story related to the event, “Overflowing Love and the Future Bride“.)

[MASANOBU]: “Haa…”

[MASAKAGE]: “You were surrounded by girls with a ton of energy even more than usual today.”

[MASANOBU]: “Ahaha, I’m grateful for their feelings though. At any rate, I need to place this round somewhere…”

[MASAKAGE]: “Gugh, are those all love letters?”

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SNB Masanobu ~ Reconciliation ~

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[MASANOBU]: “Yuzuki, I’m sorry. It’s not that I wanted to leave you. Honestly.”

[MASANOBU]: “You see, I wanted to test my own heart. When I was away, you were there in my heart. How about you?”

[MASANOBU]: “If I was in your heart too, then we can make up, right? Mm… I’m glad. I don’t want to be away from you anymore.”

SNB Takeda ~ 2019 New Year ~

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The Good Fortune Seven-Herb Rice Porridge

Early morning on the seventh day of January—

[MASAKAGE]: “Nobuharu-saaaan, I brought the radish.”

[NOBUHARU]: “Oh, that helps.”

[MASATOYO]: “Water dropwort, turnip, cudweed, chickweed, and nipplewort. Then there’s the shepherd’s purse and the radish that Masakage brought just now. We have everything gathered with this.”

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SNB Masanobu ~ Login Letter ~

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Thank you for always caring about us.

This is an environment full of men only and there are many who aren’t used to talking to women, so if there’s anything you’re troubled over let me know.

And I’ll give you one piece of advice; you can’t be too nice to other people, you know.

The reason why is—
I’ll teach you later.

– Kousaka Masanobu

SNB Kagemochi ~ 2* The Dark Tea Party ~

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The Dark Tea Party

[KAGEMOCHI]: “That a day would come where all of us have gathered… It is quite a strange sight, is it not.”

[MASANOBU]: “Truly. But everyone is currently unarmed and even tea has been prepared, so how about we converse peacefully.”

[MITSUHIDE]: “Confections have been brought from each of our lands as well. It would be interesting to eat and compare them.”

[KOJUUROU]: “I’ve prepared the tea. —-Here, it’s gone around to everyone now.”

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SNB Masanobu ~ Awakening ~

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The night we won a large battle… the Takeda Army’s banquet was much more stirred up than usual.

Masakage-kun and Nobuharu-san were inhaling their drinks and food. Masatoyo-san was frantically trying to stop the two. And then–

[YUZUKI]: “… Shingen-san? You’re not supposed to try and sneak a drink.”

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SNB Takeda ~ White Day ~

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“Thanks. If it’s this delicious, I almost want to try asking for chocolate-flavored medicine pills next time.
–I need you. Will you continue to stay beside me forever?”

White Day messages from Takeda! (I fell behind on translating the Uesugi story but I swear it wasn’t these messages! Just life in general, haha, so I’m gonna spam these White Day messages and hope they make up for the lack of a story update <3).

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