SNB Motonari

SNB Motonari ~ 1st Anniversary ~

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“Say… princess. I wish to be together with you from here onwards. In the future as well, always and forever…
–How about you, princess?”

(BRUH. I CANNOT HANDLE ALL THESE GUYS IN THEIR FORMAL CLOTHES. WE GOT SPOILED FOR HAVING ALL THE ARTISTS DRAW THEIR LEADERS IN THESE. Anyway, I’ll be translating their anniversary messages from the outside in :’). Please enjoy.)


SNB Mouri ~ White Day ~

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“The chocolates from my princess were very delicious. For the next present, how about… you yourself?
Haha, it’s truly adorable how red you become.”

And last but not least the mysterious (and slightly ominous) Mouri Army!

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SNB Motonari ~ 2018 New Year’s Resolution ~

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Happy New Year, princess. I am overjoyed to greet the new year together with you. Even as I receive the new year though, the place where I go does not change. I will protect my family and my people–. Of course, you are my precious family as well. Although it has not been long since we met, within this short period of time, I believe we were able to know various aspects of each other. I will be watching over you, closer than anyone, this year too. My dear princess–.

SNB Motonari ~ 2018 New Year ~

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Very soon this year will also end. This year is a very precious year to me…… Hm? Why, you ask. That is– because I was able to meet my dear princess. I would be pleased if you held the same feelings.