SNB Nobuharu

SNB Nobuharu ~ 5* Making a Smile Bloom ~

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The Beautifully Blooming Smile

(Thank you to Scarlett for the commission!)

As I walked back to my own room after finishing training like usual, Yuzuki’s figure entered my eyes.

Yuzuki was in the corner of the garden, quietly working while humming.

[NOBUHARU]: “You look like you’re enjoying yourself quite a bit. What are you doing?”

For an instant she showed surprise when I softly called out to her from behind but, upon seeing me, she showed a gentle smile.

[YUZUKI]: “Nobuharu-san, look.”

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SNB Nobuharu ~ 5* A Groom and Bride ~

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The Request From A Painter

And another commission from waterinegirl to be posted on Valentines! Thank you again for the commissions. Note: this card story is related to the event, “Overflowing Love and the Future Bride“.

[NOBUHARU]: “Was it really a good idea to accept this request…?”

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SNB Takeda ~ 2019 New Year ~

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The Good Fortune Seven-Herb Rice Porridge

Early morning on the seventh day of January—

[MASAKAGE]: “Nobuharu-saaaan, I brought the radish.”

[NOBUHARU]: “Oh, that helps.”

[MASATOYO]: “Water dropwort, turnip, cudweed, chickweed, and nipplewort. Then there’s the shepherd’s purse and the radish that Masakage brought just now. We have everything gathered with this.”

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SNB Nobuharu ~ Login Letter ~

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You’ve been working hard every day, haven’t you. That’s a fine thing. You should hold your head up high.

I can only live in the midst of a war, but you’re different.

Look at various things and move forward on the path you believe in.

No matter what sort of path it is, if you have decided on it, I’ll help clear a path.

– Baba Nobuharu

SNB Nobuharu ~ Awakening ~

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[NOBUHARU]: “Hraaaagh!”

[NOBUHARU]: “Ha ha ha! What’s wrong, what’s wrong? Isn’t there anyone with more spirit here!?”

[NOBUHARU]: “It appears that this battle will end in our victory as well!”

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SNB Takeda ~ White Day ~

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“Thanks. If it’s this delicious, I almost want to try asking for chocolate-flavored medicine pills next time.
–I need you. Will you continue to stay beside me forever?”

White Day messages from Takeda! (I fell behind on translating the Uesugi story but I swear it wasn’t these messages! Just life in general, haha, so I’m gonna spam these White Day messages and hope they make up for the lack of a story update <3).

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