SNB Nobunaga

SNB Nobunaga ~ Anniversary Scenario ~

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(So, the gimmick this year was for all the generals to have voiced anniversary lines. Every other commander gets similar scenes with choices that lead to different text, but only the generals get this sunset scene and ONE voiced line.)

The sun was setting in the east and around the time it began to stain the area in warm colors, I was told that he wished to talk to me alone and so I came to the inner courtyard where he was waiting.

He said several things before he suddenly fell silent and directed an unusually serious gaze at me.

My breath caught at the dream-like sight of him, illuminated by the red light, and I—

—continued to stare at him like that. [voiced]

[NOBUNAGA]: “You are my one and only woman. For the years to come hereafter, and as time layers on, I will not permit you to leave me, the great Oda Nobunaga.”

—resolved myself to speak to him.

[NOBUNAGA]: “—Truly, you are a woman strong to the core and suitable as the one to watch the moment I, Oda Nobunaga, unite this Shinga. Devote yourself to me hereafter as well.”

—unconsciously averted my eyes.

[NOBUNAGA]: “… Your complexion isn’t well. Your role is to give blood when the time calls for it. I will not allow you to neglect being prepared for that. Understood?”

SNB Nobunaga ~ 2019 New Year’s Resolution ~

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A new year has dawned— this year will undoubtedly become an important year. For the Oda army, Shinga, and… I, Oda Nobunaga. However, whatever the circumstances become, I have no intentions of releasing you. As my one and only woman, I will show you a splendid sight, beyond uniting the country—

SNB Oda ~ 2019 New Year ~

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Each and Everyone’s First Dream in the New Year

[MITSUHIDE]: “The year’s first dream…?”

[KATSUIE]: “Yeah. I was talking with Nagahide just now and apparently there’s good luck dreams!”

[MITSUHIDE]: “Ah, Mt. Fuji, a hawk, an eggplant… that sort of thing then.”

[KATSUIE]: “Yeah, that! So then I got curious about what dream everyone had.”

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SNB Nobunaga ~ 2019 New Year ~

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You, look here. What are you embarrassed about. It’s not the first time you’ve been together with me on the floor like this… Heh, even your ears are red. What a fine face. This is the second year you’ve ended since you came here, I see… You remember what I said before, do you not. I will not allow you to leave my side. Next year, and the year after that as well… hereafter, you belong to this Oda Nobunaga forever—

SNB Nobunaga ~ Bond 1 ~

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(Another bond goal reached!)

[NOBUNAGA]: “Where did you go? What is the meaning of making me wait.”

[NOBUNAGA]: “… Indeed, we did not promise to meet but that makes no difference. You need only meet me when I wish to meet you.”

[NOBUNAGA]: “You will be punished for making me wait. I’ll carve a mark into your body this instant. Show your neck.”

[NOBUNAGA]: “Mnn… Heh, a nice sight.”

[NOBUNAGA]: “Remember this every time you see this mark. That your body, your heart– that your everything belongs to me.”

SNB Nobunaga ~ 5* A Congratulatory Toast ~

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Fulfilling Desires

Summoned by Nobunaga-san, I came in front of his room. Hearing the words “enter” I slowly opened the sliding door while feeling a little nervous.

When I entered, Nobunaga-san was gazing outside with a purple ribbon in his hand. The hand that was stroking the ribbon gave off a gentle impression.

Even his casual form was beautiful–. In spite of myself, I was fascinated by Nobunaga’s appearance illuminated by the moonlight.

[NOBUNAGA]: “You came. Sit there.”

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SNB Nobunaga ~ 1st Anniversary ~

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“A year has passed since I met you. In this Shinga, many desire you.
However… who you personally belong to… you know, do you not?”

(I’m not gonna say I was saving the best for last but I was definitely saving the best for last– LOL. KAGERO USUBA’S ART JUST CAME AND MURDERED ME. HOLY SHIT. Gods, the details in his vest and the gold pattern on that black tie. AND THE SLEEK BOW-TIED LOW PONYTAIL. I’M DEAD.)

SNB Nobunaga ~ Login Letter ~

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To continue to do something is certainly not an easy matter.

Your actions these several days have been quite a commendable deed.

Here is a reward.

However, do not let yourself be taken by this reward before your eyes, and continue to stay by my side.

By doing this, as a further reward, I will let you see, in the closest spot, the instant I accomplish unifying the country.

– Oda Nobunaga

SNB Nobunaga ~ 4* A Brief Rest ~

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The Demon King’s Nap

[NOBUNAGA]: “Finally, everything has been settled…”

[NOBUNAGA]: (The sun is already high– this took more time than I expected.)

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Sengoku Night Blood ~ April Fools’ Day ~

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Oh no! It seems like the leaders in Sengoku Night Blood were teleported to our world. Here’s your adventure with them for just today!! (There’s a ton of tweets embedded in this post so be careful if you’re viewing this on mobile. Also, between specific tweets, SNB held polls to see who got a card story and I’ve inserted those in too.)

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SNB Oda ~ White Day ~

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“Matcha chocolate is quite interesting. Come close… close your eyes.
This Nobunaga will personally give you a reward–.”

SNB decided to give everyone white day messages so you guys get some bonus updates! Apparently it’s their thanks for your Valentine’s gift to them? Which is… uh, weird how they didn’t call these Valentine’s Day messages and release them on Valentine’s. Anyway, first up is the Oda Army!

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SNB Nobunaga ~ 2018 New Year’s Resolution ~

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A new year begins. However, nothing has changed on what I must do. I aim for what comes beyond unifying the country–. It is not easy to achieve but my army is certain to accomplish it. This year I vow to accelerate this progress. You will watch by my side, and you are not allowed to leave at any time. I promise to show you the most supreme future from this place, closest to me–.

SNB Nobunaga ~ 2018 New Year ~

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In a few more hours this year will also end. You belong to this Oda Nobunaga. And that will not change no matter how much time passes. Stay next to me the instant the year passes. You don’t have the right to refuse. –Come closer. I won’t allow you to leave my side.

SNB Nobunaga ~ 4* The Path You Believe ~

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An Ascertained Future

(Cards about the anime were given out and they correspond with each episode of the anime. Nobunaga’s second card takes place after episode 11 of the anime).

[NOBUNAGA]: “What have you seen in Shinga?”

[NOBUNAGA]: “–Warriors who press onward with their lives on the path they believe in– you say.”

[NOBUNAGA]: “…… Then what is the path you believe in. What is it that you’ve felt in the heart of this war-torn world.”

[NOBUNAGA]: “Heh…… well, whatever choice you make, the one who will obtain Shinga is this Oda Nobunaga……”

[NOBUNAGA]: “Whatever the moment brings, you should choose that which you believe in and ascertain that future with your own eyes–“

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SNB Nobunaga ~ Interactions ~

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I know I previously said I was going to update character interactions as I go but that’s a hassle and my compulsive behavior won’t let me do that; so I’m collecting all the interactions before posting them (if you want these types of posts faster, please pray to the RNG gods to have mercy on me, haha).

3 Bronze Potions
20 Silver Potions
12 Gold Potions
5 Royal Potions

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