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SNB Oda ~ 2019 New Year ~

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Each and Everyone’s First Dream in the New Year

[MITSUHIDE]: “The year’s first dream…?”

[KATSUIE]: “Yeah. I was talking with Nagahide just now and apparently there’s good luck dreams!”

[MITSUHIDE]: “Ah, Mt. Fuji, a hawk, an eggplant… that sort of thing then.”

[KATSUIE]: “Yeah, that! So then I got curious about what dream everyone had.”

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SNB Ranmaru ~ Login Letter ~

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NOBUNAGA FINALLY DEEMED ME WORTHY OF RECEIVING HIS LETTER!! It was the last one I was missing so, awkwardly, we’re gonna have some Oda letters while we’re in Takeda LOL.

You came to visit me today as well, haven’t you!

I’m really happy!

A reward that was addressed to you from Nobunaga-sama was entrusted with me, so I’m sending it to you together with this.

Ah, just because you received a reward, doesn’t mean you can be careless and take a day off tomorrow, you know.
You have to make sure to come see me tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, and the days after that too!

It’s a promise, okay?

– Mori Ranmaru

SNB Oda ~ White Day ~

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“Matcha chocolate is quite interesting. Come close… close your eyes.
This Nobunaga will personally give you a reward–.”

SNB decided to give everyone white day messages so you guys get some bonus updates! Apparently it’s their thanks for your Valentine’s gift to them? Which is… uh, weird how they didn’t call these Valentine’s Day messages and release them on Valentine’s. Anyway, first up is the Oda Army!

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SNB Nobunaga ~ 2* The Highest Reward ~

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The Highest Reward

[NOBUNAGA]: “The battle this time was a sweeping victory. Everyone did well. Each one of you will be given a reward.”

[NOBUNAGA]: “You may speak what you desire.”

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SNB Ranmaru ~ Awakening ~

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[YUZUKI]: (…… Haa, it’s already evening, huh. Everyone’s late.)

[YUZUKI]: (Since everyone left this morning to head into battle, it feels like they should come home soon……)

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