SNB Shingen

SNB Shingen ~ Login Letter ~

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Thank you for everything, as always.

Lately, there’s been many times where I find the sights I’ve grown used to seeing are beautiful.

Above all, I’ve started to think about wanting to see those sights together with you.

I think it’s probably because you’re here that I’ve been seeing the world shining more than it has up to now.

I’m really glad to have met you and I look forward to your support!

– Takeda Shingen


SNB Shingen ~ Interactions ~

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Phew, that took a while. It was harder to collect the variations this time around with the new potion system and then I got stuck trying to collect the last two potion scenes for FOREVER and then it turns out I forgot to screenshot a potion scene so then I had to find THAT one again and… yeah it was horrible. Apologies for the long delay!

3 Bronze Potions
20 Silver Potions
12 Gold Potions
5 Royal Potions

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SNB Shingen ~ Awakening ~

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[YUZUKI]: (Shingen-san… I wonder if he’s okay.)

Takeda Army’s base camp. I was there waiting for Shingen-san’s return while surrounded by soldiers.

[YUZUKI]: (The enemy’s forces seemed large and there’s been no reports on Shingen-san and the others… I hope everyone is safe…)

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SNB Shingen ~ 1st Anniversary ~

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“I’ll protect you. So, keep on following me in the future too.”

Sengoku Night Blood ~ April Fools’ Day ~

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Oh no! It seems like the leaders in Sengoku Night Blood were teleported to our world. Here’s your adventure with them for just today!! (There’s a ton of tweets embedded in this post so be careful if you’re viewing this on mobile. Also, between specific tweets, SNB held polls to see who got a card story and I’ve inserted those in too.)

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SNB Takeda ~ White Day ~

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“Thanks. If it’s this delicious, I almost want to try asking for chocolate-flavored medicine pills next time.
–I need you. Will you continue to stay beside me forever?”

White Day messages from Takeda! (I fell behind on translating the Uesugi story but I swear it wasn’t these messages! Just life in general, haha, so I’m gonna spam these White Day messages and hope they make up for the lack of a story update <3).

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SNB Shingen ~ 2018 New Year’s Resolution ~

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Happy New Year! How was the end of the year? Have you been resting well? I wonder what kind of year this year will be…… As the general of the Takeda Army I’m aiming to protect my people and unify the country…… that hasn’t changed since last year. But this year I have one more resolution. –I want to show you lots of sights. There’s still a lot of pretty places and interesting spots in Shinga. I’m looking forward to going there together with you.

SNB Shingen ~ 2018 New Year ~

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It’s been cold for days, but are you alright? You haven’t caught a cold, have you?… Woah! You just sneezed, didn’t you. Come here. I’ll warm you up. It’s much colder today. –For a little while, let’s stay together like this.

SNB Shingen ~ 4* I Won’t Overdo It ~

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Impatient Feelings

(Cards about the anime were given out and they correspond with each episode of the anime. Shingen’s second card takes place after episode 9 of the anime).

[SHINGEN]: “When I think about you, I end up getting impatient……”

[SHINGEN]: “Haaa…… even though I know it’s not good to be like this, I can’t stay still.”

[SHINGEN]: “But don’t worry. I won’t overdo it. Because when I’m hurt and in pain, you look sad.”

[SHINGEN]: “I don’t want that. I don’t want to put that look on your face…… I want you to smile.”

[SHINGEN]: “When I get to you, smile at me with everything you’ve got. It’s a promise!”

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SNB Shingen ~ 3* Roasted Soybean Powder and Black Honey ~

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I Want to Be Your Strength

(Cards about the anime were given out and they correspond with each episode of the anime. Shingen’s card takes place after episode 3 of the anime).

[SHINGEN]: “Was it delicious? The mochi covered in roasted soybean powder and black honey that we ate together last time?”

[SHINGEN]: “Because when you eat sweets you become more energetic! If you liked this then I’ll make it for you anytime.”

[SHINGEN]: “We weren’t able to eat it slowly when the yakuma suddenly attacked back then…… Next time, when you come, I’ll make sure security is tight.”

[SHINGEN]: “Since it’s a time I’ll be spending together with you after all that, I don’t want anyone to interrupt.”

[SHINGEN]: “If anything happens, rely on me. Because I’m always wanting to be your strength.”

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