SNB Takakage

SNB Takakage ~ Bond 1 ~

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(I can explain…!! He’s my only other maxed out defense card, so I needed to max his bond for strategic ranking purposes, haha.)

[TAKAKAGE]: “You came to see me? What for? I’m pretty busy… it can’t be just because you ‘wanted to talk’, right?”

[TAKAKAGE]: “Ahaha, you really are strange. You want to be bullied that much by me, I see.”

[TAKAKAGE]: “I’ll give you what you wish, so come here. Show me your face more. Come on, don’t try to look away.”

[TAKAKAGE]: “… Are you trying to glare at me like that? With that red face and damp eyes, are you trying to seduce me?”

[TAKAKAGE]: “Hehe, bad girl. I’ll need to give you lots of punishment… First, I’ll cover that mouth of yours. Mmn…”

SNB Takakage ~ Login Letter ~

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You keep coming without tiring as well, huh.

Don’t stretch yourself to the breaking point and collapse, because I’ll be annoyed if I have to take care of more things.

Also, I’ll give you this. Be sure to use it carefully, alright?

I won’t let you off if you use it for something weird.

– Kobayakawa Takakage

SNB Takakage ~ Awakening ~

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Having heard that Takakage-san was seriously injured in a battle, I hurried over to his room with anxiety.

[YUZUKI]: “Takakage-san, are you okay!?”

[TAKAKAGE]: “… Ngh! Oh, it’s you. Don’t startle me.”

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SNB Mouri ~ 2019 New Year ~

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Daruma Otoshi Challenge!

[TERUMOTO]: “Nngh—! Failed again…”

[MOTOHARU]: “Hm? Terumoto… and even Motonari-sama and brother. What are you all gathered for?”

[TAKAKAGE]: “We came after hearing Terumoto’s groans even from outside.”

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SNB Mouri ~ White Day ~

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“The chocolates from my princess were very delicious. For the next present, how about… you yourself?
Haha, it’s truly adorable how red you become.”

And last but not least the mysterious (and slightly ominous) Mouri Army!

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