SNB Takamoto

SNB Takamoto ~ Login Letter ~

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Today, I wanted to thank you and so I picked up a brush. Thank you very much for being here with us.

This may be modest, but it contains my feelings of gratitude. I hope you can accept it.

Please, I look forward to seeing you after this as well.

– Mouri Takamoto

SNB Takamoto ~ Awakening ~

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In a certain forest, Takamoto-san and I were hiding in some bushes, peeking out at our surroundings.

[???]: “—Dammit! Where’d those guys go!”

[???]: “They weren’t running that fast, so they should be here still. Let’s try looking over there first.”

[YUZUKI]: “… It looks like they’re gone.”

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SNB Mouri ~ 2019 New Year ~

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Daruma Otoshi Challenge!

[TERUMOTO]: “Nngh—! Failed again…”

[MOTOHARU]: “Hm? Terumoto… and even Motonari-sama and brother. What are you all gathered for?”

[TAKAKAGE]: “We came after hearing Terumoto’s groans even from outside.”

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SNB Mouri ~ White Day ~

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“The chocolates from my princess were very delicious. For the next present, how about… you yourself?
Haha, it’s truly adorable how red you become.”

And last but not least the mysterious (and slightly ominous) Mouri Army!

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