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Yamana Makoto (山那 誠)
CV: 深川緑

Kuse Kazuma (久世 一真)
CV: 三重奏

Physical Sports Day

Due to having the worst beginning, the heroine was unable to be honest but after receiving Makoto’s overwhelmingly wholehearted love a gradual change in her feelings occurred. At this time, a sports festival was held at Yamana Academy. The two’s relationship became decided in a certain competition…

“I entered you like this on that first day too, huh. Your hole was painfully tight… I couldn’t put it all in. And yet, now you’re used to my length, and you squeeze it deliciously…”

“I wish I could tell all of those brats, you know. That you have a naughty body now which can’t be satisfied unless it has my huge [—]…”

“… I’m begging you, please. I don’t want to live with anyone else. Just you.”

The sports festival— this is the ending of an irregular couple.

Thank you to Hina for the commission of Makoto’s sequel volume! R18 warning but, uh, I guess this can count as a sweet one since their relationship is established? You can grab Dusk’s works on the ENG DLsite or the JP DLsite. If you enjoy this series, please consider supporting it through a purchase because Dusk just consists of ONE writer, who pays for everything from the art to the voice actors and recording studio.

Also, because I haven’t done this in a while, I have a Part 1 and Part 2 collection of twitter threads with my livetweets of this series LOL. Incidentally, here is the timeline up to this volume (not going to plug the whole list). Again, whatever is crossed out is one that I haven’t translated.

  1. Kankinkon: Ryoujoku no Hibi (Touji)
  2. Kankinkon: Zetsubou no Hibi (Touji)
  3. Seitokai: Ryakudatsu no Hibi (Hikaru)
  4. Taiiku Kyoushi (Makoto)
  5. Seitokai: Yuuwaku no Hibi (Kazuma)
  6. Kankinkon: Amayaka na Hibi (Group)
  7. Taiikusai (Makoto)

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