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Immoral Game ~ Kidou Arato ~

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Kidou Arato (騎堂 アラト)
CV: 髭内悪太

Private Tokiwazaka Academy

There was an all-boys boarding school deep in the mountains, the Tokiwazaka Academy.

It was one of the best prestigious schools, where all the sons of respectable families gather; however, the reality was that it was a lawless zone where the rich and influential students did whatever they pleased as much as they liked.

In particular, what they were all enthusiastic about was getting teachers to quit, and it was an extremely distasteful “game” where they competed with the number of teachers.

The heroine had just become a teacher when she was assigned to the academy without being told anything about it.

There she met the students who were called “prefects”. They were the people highest in the rankings and, at the same time, had various “traumas” towards teachers.

“—Now, I wonder how long this new teacher will hold?”

The gorgeous boys have set up a sensual, depraved, and dangerous game. Can you reach the truth behind them at the bottom of their bared malice—?

Huge thanks to Madame for the commission! R18 warning. I translated the synopsis of the entire series above, but each guy gets their own description so I’ll translate that below. It got added onto JP DLsite.

Arato returned back to the academy for the first time in a while. He caused a violent incident at school and, up to now, had been in a correction institution. You welcomed Arato as his homeroom teacher, but he took no notice of you. Far from that, he quickly sent other teachers to the hospital and also brought you under his control without using force. Because you became a sacrifice to this unexpected “game” going on, you thought hard on it and decided to try and leave the academy. However, at that time, you coincidentally passed Arato… What are his true thoughts, hidden in his hardened heart?

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