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Pampered by the Escape BOSS ~ Chapter 17 ~

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Chapter 17 ~ Second Game Pt.8 ~

At the start, Gu Yian only guessed that they had to kill the little girl to clear the game.

However, just now they had Mr. Demon’s personal acknowledgment that this clearance was set in stone.

Gu Yian’s guess was correct.

The Student looked at the Witch, looked at Gu Yian, and then looked at the silent Merchant.

He asked cautiously, “How do we kill her?”

The Student asked about the key point.

Gu Yian and the Merchant both happened to look at the Witch.

The Witch didn’t disappoint everyone’s hopes and she showed great confidence on this matter.

“So long as she appears, I have a way to kill her.”

The most critical step of killing the demon had a candidate and all that was left was fishing the little girl out.

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Pampered by the Escape BOSS ~ Chapter 16 ~

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Chapter 16 ~ Second Game Pt.7 ~

Hearing this, Gu Yian stepped forward, took the sage card in the Merchant’s hand, and said very calmly, “Mr. Demon killed him according to the death list.”

“The thief’s card ability is to exchange cards.”

She brought out the thief card in her hands, leaned over, and used it to cover the open eyes of the dead monkey-looking man.

“I was lucky enough to perfectly clear my previous game. When the cards were issued, Mr. Demon already said we should be able to guess what cards we would get.”

“He swapped away my card.”

“He is the thief and I am the sage.”

Gu Yian looked at the Witch and the Merchant’s shock that couldn’t be concealed.

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Pampered by the Escape BOSS ~ Chapter 15 ~

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Chapter 15 ~ Second Game Pt.6 ~

Gu Yian’s reaction made the Liar somewhat dejected. So, he immediately gave a bad look to the Merchant.

The Merchant previously had a good impression of the Liar.

The Liar had dragged the veteran players into a talk before, making everyone like his friendliness and honesty.

The Merchant, whose expression hadn’t been too good, suddenly became pleased after seeing this look on the Liar.

His eyes traveled between Gu Yian and the Liar and then he said to the Liar, “You don’t want me to be a light bulb, right? Then I’ve decided to be a light bulb.”

As soon as Gu Yian heard this she knew the Merchant misunderstood them again.

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Pampered by the Escape BOSS ~ Chapter 14 ~

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Chapter 14 ~ Second Game Pt.5 ~

Once these words were said, as expected, the Liar had a large reaction.

He approached Gu Yian and looked down at the work log, whose pages were somewhat yellow.

“How is this related to clearing the game?”

The Liar didn’t move to take the work log in Gu Yian’s hands and this made Gu Yian trust him a lot.

Gu Yian flipped through the log pages, quickly scanning the contents. “From the handwriting, this was all recorded by one person. The security captain was responsible for writing a log and recording the matters of the school every day. He took this as his own diary and, after the death of a student, he also recorded his own speculations.”

“The one who died was the little girl?” The Liar asked.

Gu Yian looked at the information written down on the page. “No, many people died.”

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Pampered by the Escape BOSS ~ Chapter 13 ~

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Chapter 13 ~ Second Game Pt.4 ~

Gu Yian picked up a stack of fallen leaves and walked onto the grass, sounding it out.

She threw a leaf, the leaf landed on the ground, and then she walked forward a few steps, stopping at the place where the leaf landed. Then she would throw another leaf.

Repeating this, Gu Yian slowly entered the center of the lawn.

The other players watched her, none of them ridiculing her strange actions.

After all, if it was them, then they would be even more careful than Gu Yian.

When it came to life and death matters, one could never be too careful.

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Pampered by the Escape BOSS ~ Chapter 12 ~

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Chapter 12 ~ Second Game Pt.3 ~

The girl’s voice sounded again but, this time, her voice was very light.

“I found you.”

Her voice was soft but, contrary to what was expected, all the players heard this phrase clearly among noise of the countless children.

It was as if this phrase was whispered into the ears of all the players.

All the voices came to an abrupt stop.

Gu Yian turned her head to glance at the players behind her.

They all had different expressions: some were nervous, some were calm.

“Did everyone hear that too?” Gu Yian asked.

Everyone looked at each other and saw their complexions.

Since it couldn’t be hidden, everyone admitted it.

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Pampered by the Escape BOSS ~ Chapter 11 ~

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Chapter 11 ~ Second Game Pt.2 ~

Gu Yian did her best to keep smiling, “Thank you for your feelings.”

Thank you for your practical joke, you really are a demon.

Gu Yian placed her gaze onto the thief card in her hand.

She didn’t speak anymore, but the eyes of the other six players continued to move between her and Mr. Demon.

One must know that gossip was the most interesting in the world and a commotion was the best thing to watch, to say nothing of the two parties where one was a young and beautiful woman with an ethereal temperament and the other was a man whose background was extraordinary and mysterious. The other six players were naturally happy to watch something interesting happen between the two.

However, as Gu Yian just played with the card in her hand, the other players didn’t dare to rashly speak either and so the round table was also very quiet.

The silence didn’t last long and Mr. Demon knocked on the table through their black robe.

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Pampered by the Escape BOSS ~ Chapter 10 ~

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Chapter 10 ~ Second Game Pt.1 ~

After the person who called himself Mr. Demon for the time being finished speaking, the other seven people were so quiet that one could hear a pin drop.

To dare to call himself a God in the game, to watch them in place of God, and to even dare to say he was a demon meant he must be a being who couldn’t be provoked.

Perhaps they shouldn’t even use “him” and should use “they” to refer to this being, as if they were addressing God.

Gu Yian immediately gave this Mr. Demon the label of having a disgusting personality in her heart.

The being who watched the show changed but, whether it was God or a demon, the watchers were all disgusting.

Mr. Demon saw everyone’s extremely cautious appearances and they laughed before saying, “Let us play a game. The name of the game is The Death List.”

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Pampered by the Escape BOSS ~ Chapter 9 ~

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Chapter 9 ~ First Game Pt.9 ~

Gu Yian carefully read the contents of the black letters.




Gu Yian’s eyebrow twitched and she ignored the last line of letters.

What a perverse God!

Gu Yian looked around her surroundings but in this pure white space, apart from the black letters in midair and herself, there was nothing else.

Her eyes returned back to the black letters in the air again.

This time she noticed the phrase immediately following the reward, “DO NOT HESITATE, PRAISE GOD FROM THE DEPTHS OF YOUR HEART.”


Gu Yian understood.

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Pampered by the Escape BOSS ~ Chapter 8 ~

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Chapter 8 ~ First Game Pt.8 ~

The moment Gu Yian saw those two pictures she could guess at what those players saw in the morning.

Like Gu Yian now, they saw the little boy’s portrait and then their own portrait.

Whoever was looking at it would see their own portrait in the second picture.

“Big sister, what are you looking at?”

The little boy’s voice rang in Gu Yian’s ears.

She came back to herself and lowered her head to look at the boy.

He was looking at her with complete trust in his eyes.

Gu Yian said, “Nothing. I was just thinking about how to pass the second night.”

The little boy heard this and immediately gave Gu Yian a large hug.

“Don’t be scared, big sister, I’ll protect you.”

Gu Yian was a bit moved when she heard this.

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Pampered by the Escape BOSS ~ Chapter 7 ~

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Chapter 7 ~ First Game Pt.7 ~

In this moment, hearing those sort of words really made a person feel touched.

Gu Yian forced herself to smile and told the boy seriously, “Big sister is the one who should protect you.”

She withdrew her hand, stroked the little boy’s head, and following this stood up and went over to examine the corpse.

Brother Zhang made the same movements as Gu Yian, leaving the bench.

The two of them came to the headless girl’s body.

Gu Yian saw that the head had fallen to the legs of the square table at a glance before she looked again at the severed section of the body’s neck.

It was abnormally flat.

In the end, Gu Yian didn’t dare to take a longer look. She was afraid that if she kept looking she would lose her calm.

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Pampered by the Escape BOSS ~ Chapter 6 ~

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Chapter 6 ~ First Game Pt.6 ~

Once Brother Zhang and the others were done cleaning the kitchen, the little boy pointed to a closed door on the side and said to Gu Yian, “Sister Gu, that’s my room. You can take a nap first. When you wake up, we’ll be back.”

The expressions of Brother Zhang and the others suddenly looked poor.

Everyone here was players, but they had to go with the little boy to trigger an event while Gu Yian could sleep in a room!

This treatment was way too different, right?

Gu Yian ignored the looks of Brother Zhang and the others and she thanked the boy’s good intentions with a small smile.

The little boy took Brother Zhang and the others, crossed the courtyard, and went to the building directly opposite that just had a door.

The boy walked at the front, Brother Zhang followed closely, and the three new players stuck to Brother Zhang. No one was willing to fall behind a step.

Gu Yian didn’t follow. She watched from a distance and realized that the building was too dark and, like it swallowed people, she couldn’t see their backs.

The moment Gu Yian blinked the door, which had been open a second ago, was closed the next second.

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Pampered by the Escape BOSS ~ Chapter 5 ~

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Chapter 5 ~ First Game Pt.5 ~

Brother Zhang happened to give Gu Yian a difficult problem.

Their game made it clear that it was connected to the four words “Kindness is a crime”.

Brother Zhang’s question wasn’t polite at all and directly asked Gu Yian how to clear the game.

How was Gu Yian to answer this?

Until the game truly concluded, she had no way to ever confirm that her own guesses were correct.

What was more was that even if she said this they would never believe her.

Was Brother Zhang deliberately creating conflict with this?

Gu Yian sat steadily on the bench and sized up the expressions of the players in front of her and to the side.

Brother Zhang covered his up well and looked very calm, but the other three players were quite impatient.

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Pampered by the Escape BOSS ~ Chapter 4 ~

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Chapter 4 ~ First Game Pt.4 ~

The female player, who had been confused, reacted after a few beats.

“You mean our game’s missions have already been prepared and it’s just waiting for us to trigger them? Our playing and doing missions is to let God watch and please God. That also means our fundamental mission is to please God! Are they the devil? Watching us run around like idiots as if they’re watching a show…”

Gu Yian agreed with what the female player said at the end.

What she said was quite right. This so-called God was more like the devil.

However, one could think these things in their heart but couldn’t really say it out.

Judging from the fact that this God only liked to hear words of praise, it was very likely they were narrow-minded.

Gu Yian placed her right index finger in front of her lips and quietly spoke.

“Shh! God is watching you.”

This God, with a bad personality, was always watching them.

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Pampered by the Escape BOSS ~ Chapter 3 ~

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Chapter 3 ~ First Game Pt.3 ~

Public opinion seemed to change instantly at the little boy’s appearance.

Among the passersby, who were onlookers, many of them were residents in the neighborhood and they recognized the boy.

“Isn’t this kid, Hu Zi, from the house in front?” ¹

These people looked at the old grandma on the ground again.

They also remembered what this old woman did back then.

“I remember now. This is Mrs. Zhao and she fell on the ground back then, was saved by Hu Zi’s mother, and then extorted them for money. She blamed the boy’s mother for crashing into her.”

“I remember this too. She extorted them for over 1 million dollars, right?”

“Probably around that much. Hu Zi’s parents committed suicide because of this.”

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