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Pampered by the Escape BOSS ~ Chapter 2 ~

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Chapter 2 ~ First Game Pt.2 ~

A gentle breeze blew and the black letters fluttered away like the wind.

Gu Yian was greatly relieved.

Don’t look at all those things she just said, they were just her assumptions and she had no conclusive evidence.

But it wasn’t the same now.

God responded to her.

It was very likely then that she guessed right and God felt pleased at her performance.

This was God’s Game.

Everything else was secondary, ingratiating herself with God was the most important.

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Pampered by the Escape BOSS ~ Chapter 1 ~

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Chapter 1 ~ First Game Pt.1 ~

Gu Yian, female, eighteen years old, just started first year of university, and looked to be a normal female student.

Except she had a secret.

She was actually a transmigrator.

In the eighteen years she had transmigrated to this world, she realized there was an oddity in this world.

It existed in many inexplicable things.

Gu Yian personally experienced two cases.

The first case was when she finished high school and the classmates in her class discussed going on a graduation trip together. The destination was set in a certain mountain that was rumored to have an immortal god.

Originally, Gu Yian was also one of those who was supposed to go but, as chance would have it, she caught a cold because she stayed up late to watch dramas and forgot to turn off her air conditioner. She was admitted into the hospital for an IV drip and was absent for this trip.

Several days later, Gu Yian saw a report on her classmates’ deaths in the news. Their cause of death was unknown and the villagers said they offended the mountain god and so the mountain god punished them.

Out of the entire class, the only one left alive was Gu Yian.

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