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Kyuuketsuki no Seiai ~ Route Tooru ~

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Tsudou Tooru (津藤 トオル)
CV: 冬ノ熊肉

A Vampire’s Love ~ Route Tooru ~

A vampire and a human, being bound deeply across races…

“Right now, your stomach is filled with me, isn’t it…”

This is an age where vampires and humans coexist.

You, a human, spend happy days with your brusque but sweet, gentle, and loving lover, Tooru.

During a date one day, you weren’t able to stand by while Tooru was in discomfort and so you were about to end the date early when it suddenly rained. The two of you went to Tooru’s house, which was nearby, but for some reason he didn’t want to let you into his room.

The rain rapidly grew heavier and Tooru was gradually losing composure.

He embraced you when you were scared of the thunder and reached the limits of his reason, biting your neck and sucking your blood…

Thank you to Shinta for another commission! R18 warning. You can also grab this on DLsite.

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Katsuai Gunjin ~ Kibishii Joukan ni Shigokarete ~

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Kaminaga Rihito (神永 理人)
CV: 久喜大

Thirsting Soldier ~ Worked Hard by your Strict Superior Officer ~

After completing your mission, you were summoned by Rihito, your superior officer and your lover.

When you arrived in the office, Rihito was angry and you were given a warning about trying to use a honey trap during your mission.

You told him you couldn’t agree with that and Rihito took out the rope that hung at his waist…

Thank you to Nicole for the commission! R18 warning and bondage. I cannot stress how much I love the art for this series, because what they do to the apple is their kink and it’s clever LOL. You can grab this on JP DLsite (there doesn’t seem to be an ENG one but, at any rate, the two sites are merging so I’ll only link the JP side hereafter).

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Triangle Kingdom Side:A

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Ramli Kamil Uqla (ラーミウ=ターミル=ウクラ)
CV: テトラポット登

Ikhlas Rizq Yaziq (イフラース=リズク=ヤズィード)
CV: 四ツ谷サイダー

Triangle Kingdom Side:A

You were purchased when you were being sold as a slave.

Here was Ikhlas, an acquaintance from the past, who was now serving as the prince’s aide.

The same as before, Ikhlas was gentle and serious but Ramli, who he served, was a proud prince who loved to make people squirm. However, Ramli held a loneliness within his heart…

“… With this, you belong to us.”

Love and carnality intertwine inside the harem…

Thanks to Mirai for the commission! R18 warning but this is on the fluffy side, with a dash of amazing angst. Tetrapot is SO GOOD here and my translations don’t do his slow lazy lion voice justice!! On JP DLsite only, I think. By the way, a lot of official companies have moved their products onto the JP DLsite so I’ve updated a lot of links to my previous translations.

Note1: Oh god, I hope I didn’t butcher anyone’s name. Please don’t hesitate to correct me if you’re more familiar with these names and know what the Japanese katakana was trying to get at. I did my best through a combination of Google and looking up Arabic names…

Edit: Thanks to Yunfa for the name corrections!

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