Kaidou-ke no Shuubun #1

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Kaidou Osamu (皆藤 修)
CV: 脳無々

Kaidou Reiji (皆藤 玲二)
CV: 杉山純

The Kaidou Family Scandal

The older brother or the younger brother?
The choice thrust out before you is just that.

Summoned by relatives you had never met before, you heard about an established rule regarding the family lineage for the first time. The requirement to inherit the family in the place of your late grandmother was to marry a man from the branch family and give birth to a girl who would carry the next generation.

Due to unavoidable circumstances, it was necessary for you to succeed the family urgently and you were forced to choose between two brothers of the branch family. Furthermore, in order to give birth without delay, you had to do this while having intercourse before marriage.

Both your parents had already passed away a long time ago and, with a little brother, you were unable to refuse.

The older brother or the younger brother.
Who exactly will you end up choosing?

Thank you to Yunfa for the commission! R18 warning and light incest and, uh, old men if I should even warn for that? I am tackling the entire compilation, which is made up of three volumes, and you can grab this on ENG DLsite or JP DLsite. But you can also get this individually so I’m separating my posts into three and translating their own synopses.

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Hana no Yomeiri ~ Momozakekitan Tenguroku ~

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Gajiro (雅白)
CV: 冬ノ熊肉

Marriage of the Flower Bride ~ Mysterious Stories of Peach Wine; Tengu Record ~

“So long as you are by my side, I shall make you however beautiful you wish to be.”

Due to the tradition of your village, you were to be married to the tengu, Gajiro.

Your energy was exhausted through the days your body was coveted in order to create a tengu child and you collapsed.

Finally understanding the differences between human and tengu, Gajiro began treating you gently and you slowly opened your heart to him, embracing these warm feelings. However, you were concerned about your family who remained in the village—

Thanks to Madame for another commission! R18 warning and some lactation in the tokuten. I love this series, by the way, and wholeheartedly recommend the other two. The last one is especially good if you enjoy Hades/Persephone vibes.

Note1: Tengus are supernatural creatures, sort of like spirits. They used to have a bad reputation but now they’re mostly seen as protectors of mountains and forests.

Note2: I scratched my head over the name. It should read more like “Marriage of the Flower” but the heroine is human. I believe they’re playing with the fact that the word for “bride (hanayome; 花嫁)” is literally “flower wife”.

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Knight of Twins

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Fell (フェル)
CV: 聖蹟桜ヶ丘太郎

Phi (ファイ)
CV: 空木あすた

“You” are the princess of a country and, since you were small, you were raised as siblings with twins, who were the knight attendants of the princess, called Fell and Phi.

On a certain day, when the three of you were living happily together, talks about a marriage interview came…

Thank you again to Lux for the commission! R18 warning and 3P and anal. Do these warnings even help people? Haha, I’m just tagging very generally for anything I think might bother people because it’s not vanilla. Anyway, you can pick this up on the ENG DLsite and JP DLsite.

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HoneyBunny situation.1

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Azumi Keito (安曇 計都)
CV: 冬ノ熊肉

HoneyBunny situation.1

Keito and you are dating and have been lovers for half a year.

The two of you are stepsiblings who have had your relationship approved by both parents, but it hasn’t become physical yet because of a certain reason you have.

However, Keito has said he will wait until you seriously wish to go further—

Thank you to bp for the commission! R18 warning and I guess undertones of incest since they’re stepsiblings. But it’s fluffy PWP all around with teasing and sweet escalation. It’s also on JP DLsite.

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Immoral Game ~ Oujou Eriya ~

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Oujou Eriya (王城 エリヤ)
CV: 土門熱

Private Tokiwazaka Academy

There was an all-boys boarding school deep in the mountains, the Tokiwazaka Academy.

It was one of the best prestigious schools, where all the sons of respectable families gather; however, the reality was that it was a lawless zone where the rich and influential students did whatever they pleased as much as they liked.

In particular, what they were all enthusiastic about was getting teachers to quit, and it was an extremely distasteful “game” where they competed with the number of teachers.

The heroine had just become a teacher when she was assigned to the academy without being told anything about it.

There she met the students who were called “prefects”. They were the people highest in the rankings and, at the same time, had various “traumas” towards teachers.

“—Now, I wonder how long this new teacher will hold?”

The gorgeous boys have set up a sensual, depraved, and dangerous game. Can you reach the truth behind them at the bottom of their bared malice—?

Huge thanks to ~DEFINITELY-NOT-EMBARRASSED~ for the commission! R18 warning, and while it has a happy-ish ending there are depictions of cruelty, pain, force. I translated the synopsis of the entire series above, but each guy gets their own description so I’ll translate that below. It’s on JP DLsite.

At the peak of the “prefects”, Eriya holds the moniker of “King”. Normally, he secludes himself in the dormitory rooms and is rarely seen. One rainy day, you visit Eriya as his homeroom teacher. Even when you try to persuade him to attend class, worried, Eriya’s attitude is cold. Finally, at your persistence, Eriya puts out one condition. That is, in exchange of attending classes, you are to offer him your body. What is Eriya’s true motive and the sorrow he hides in the “rain”…?

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Rouge et Noir ~ Under the Gun ~

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Makabe Ryo (真壁 亮)
CV: 河村眞人

Rouge et Noir ~ Under the Gun ~

Due to a new type of drug, Rouge et Noir, there’s been a sudden increase in drug contamination spreading through the port city, Kaasa.

The Narcotics Control Division of the Port and Harbour Ministry of Welfare handed down a mission to Makabe Ryo, a narcotics officer belonging to the Special Criminal Investigations Department, and you, a new narcotics officer in the same division.

Make contact with a dealer from the crime syndicate, House, who is spreading Rouge et Noir, and obtain a drug sample.

In accordance with the mission, you and Makabe join together as “buddies” and start a dangerous undercover investigation, disguised as a couple.

(Gotta give a mention to NightHunterHime for the Stellaworth tokuten commission way back in the past. As to why I’m translating this, I’m completing my Rouge et Noir collection of my own accord, but also with the gracious patience of my current commissioner, who has asked for the rest of the series. R18 content warning.)

Here is a timeline for those confused since I’ve jumped around the series: Under the Gun > Check in the Dark > Double Down > Eye in the Sky > Pure Bluff > Second Barrel > Implied Odds > Maximum Bet > All In. Jacks or Better occurs somewhere after Double Down and before Maximum Bet. Makabe’s VR edition is also a side story.

“Under the Gun” is the person who sits to the left of the “Big Blind” and so they’re the person who gets to act first after the blind bets are set. For a refresher, the “Big Blind” is the person who sits two to the left of the dealer’s position and who has to make the larger of two bets (with the “Small Blind”) at the start of a poker game. These forced bets are basically joining fees for people who play a variant of poker that lets them fold without betting.

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Miss Appraiser and the Gallery Demon ~ Character Page ~

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Character Page

The usual warning applies to not look at this unless you want your mental image irrevocably changed about some characters LOL although Riz and John look just like they do in the cover.

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Miss Appraiser and the Gallery Demon ~ Afterword ~

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I can’t tell if this was a shorter book than Light Beyond or what, but considering I seem to have zoomed through the first volume in just three months… I guess so?? Haha, anyway, please enjoy the afterword.

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Miss Appraiser and the Gallery Demon ~ Epilogue ~

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Epilogue: The Fish of Dawn

It was a night full of stars, as if a silver fish was swimming.

Riz came to a place called “Dawn’s Hill” together with John.

This place was outside the royal capital in the eastern district. It was called that because the sunrise colored the entire gentle swell of the hill with light. It was also called the Lovers’ Hill because people could enjoy an entire night sky of stars. Riz and John weren’t lovers and it was more correct to call their relationship a master and servant, but— this was a secret time that wouldn’t be written down in the diary she touched every evening.

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Miss Appraiser and the Gallery Demon ~ Chapter Five ~

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Chapter Five: The Sound of a Look

The next day a letter of polite apology arrived from Emil.

Riz immediately replied with the following contents: that she didn’t mind and he didn’t need to apologize and that she’d like to go and see the painting of the holy mother they spoke about before.

Emil didn’t seem enthusiastic, but he appeared to feel guilt for involving Riz in his own love affairs. And so there was a reply that if she still wished to then she could come five days later.

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Miss Appraiser and the Gallery Demon ~ Chapter Four ~

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Chapter Four: A Sincere Purple

It had been a week since she began going to and from the art gallery.

On the first day, when Riz had collapsed, John seemed to understand something and became a very naggy demon.

The run-down carriage used for picking her up and dropping her off also changed overnight. Its outward appearance was still old, but its insides were brand new; there were plentiful cushions and it was even equipped with a blanket. Tonics were also present.

John’s attendant act didn’t stop with just that.

From the carriage to the mansion or the short distance to the art gallery, she was lifted up and carried the entire way. There was no sweet atmosphere at all; it was all done indifferently, as if it were obligatory.

Riz felt like dying the moment Virma saw her like that.

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Kankinkon ~ Ryoujoku no Hibi 1800 DL ~

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The last reward at 1800 downloads is another short story! Translation below.

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Kankinkon ~ Ryoujoku no Hibi 1600 DL ~

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Saijou Touji (西条 凍時)
CV: 三楽章

Annnd another free short drama track was released as a reward for hitting 1600 downloads. This one is a short one but beware R18 language! This short drama also uses the dummy mic, so don’t forget your headphones!

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Kankinkon ~ Ryoujoku no Hibi 1500 DL ~

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Saijou Touji (西条 凍時)
CV: 三楽章

Here is another free short drama track released as a reward for hitting 1500 downloads. Remember, Touji is extremely problematic and there’s gonna be R18 language! This short drama uses the dummy mic, so don’t forget your headphones!

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Kankinkon ~ Ryoujoku no Hibi 900 DL ~

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A short story was unlocked after 900 downloads and the translation is below. Also, I just want to point out that there’s a manga of Touji seeing and falling in love with the heroine as a reward for 1400 downloads. But I don’t do manga scanlations and the thing is on Pixiv, under the account of the artist for the Kankinkon series, so please head over there if you want to look at it!

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