Miss Appraiser and the Gallery Demon ~ Chapter One ~

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Chapter One: The Black Iron Star

Time passed— it was her seventeenth birthday.

And Riz was facing an unexpected situation.


It all started a week before her birthday.

She was urged by her mother, Virma, with “Here are five paintings. Now, choose the painting you love from these!” and, when she did just that, for some reason her fiancé was decided upon.

Nothing made sense.

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Shimizu Ao (清水 蒼生)
CV: Nakazawa Masatomo (中澤 まさとも)

Midou Rei (御堂 令)
CV: Makino Hideki (牧野 秀紀)


The heroine, who attended the private Hideyo Academy, used to be in a serious relationship but, against her will, they broke up.

The one who comforted her, as she carried that scar, was her junior in the same club, Shimizu Ao.

“I won’t ever be in love again” is what the heroine vowed in her heart, but under the efforts of a devoted Ao she gradually began to open up again.

And then, after one year passed, the heroine was invited on a date by Ao.

The heroine was uncertain as to whether or not she was able to respond to Ao’s feelings, but she acknowledged that she was conflicted.

She wanted to respond to Ao with feelings of gratitude for always supporting her.


That this small decision would lead to a dramatic conclusion was unexpected by everyone except for Ao…

Huge thank you to anne for the commission, because we get to see another one of my favorite Dusk boys!! First Weiss and now Ao… oh snap, I should really give Touji some love, huh. By the way, unfortunately, this drama is only available on the Japanese DLsite.

As usual, because this is a Dusk CD, there are some warnings like R18 and minor gore (mostly the SFX).

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Miss Appraiser and the Gallery Demon ~ Prologue ~

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Prologue: The Silver Daughter

A pale dawn. The painting of a traveler, with the color of daybreak trapped in his eyes, was Riz Milton’s treasure.

He was a foreigner who visited from far and distant lands.

At that time, Riz couldn’t pronounce his name properly. It was a difficult language.

During the time she called him the “Dawn-Eyed Traveler” she forgot his real name.

However, she only remembered that it had a beautiful sound, like a stringed instrument.

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Dear Vocalist Riot ~ Re-o-do ~

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Re-o-do (レオード)
CV: Masuda Toshiki (増田 俊樹)

(Guess who’s back in town?! The singing boys!! I promised I’d tackle this season because it’s the last one for Ciel (why is he last) and I did enjoy the character development in the others so here we are.)

Story premise this time is that everyone’s last songs sold pretty well but Mr. Panda isn’t impressed yet and so told them to have a live that’s sold out. If the venue isn’t filled then they’ll get the cut! And so once again everybody has to struggle to make their best song (with their girlfriend’s support).

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Meguru Koi wa Renge no Gotoku ~ The Two Who Remember ~

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PRESENT: Higashikuze Junya (東久世 潤也) / PAST: Emperor Aoi (葵月帝)
CV: Yamanaka Masahiro (山中 真尋)

A Revolving Love is Like a Lotus

Let us go around and around, until the day we love (meet) again…

The one you met when you were reborn was the beloved of your “previous life”…
This is a love story about two sets of memories–

(Someone stop me!! From constantly picking up projects!! No, to be honest though, I’ve been wanting to do this one for a long time because I’m a sucker for these types of stories and this volume struck me so hard in the heart. Normally, I’d provide a synopsis but there’s actually a prologue track that does it at the beginning so yay! R18 WARNING!)

EDIT 2018/08/11: Added the Milky Chain tokuten, thanks to @shngml for providing that one to me ;w;.

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Baroque Meiji Kyouraku Yatan ~ Hiiragi Kain ~

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Hiiragi Kain (柊 加音)
CV: Furukawa Makoto (古川 真)

Tales From the Meiji Pleasurable Nights

You, a noble lady, spent your days in melancholy due to the existence of a fiancé determined by your parents. At that time, you heard rumors about the high-end brothel, Baroque, that existed at the edges of the capital. It was said everyone hid their identity there and freely enjoyed a night of passion.

If you were to marry an unfamiliar partner like this then, at least once, with a person you chose yourself… That thought made you knock on the doors of Baroque.

The one who greeted you was Hiiragi Kain, a male courtesan with a calm atmosphere. You were strongly drawn to the kind Kain and went to Baroque many times; Kain also reached out and established a bond with you.

However, eventually the day you had to meet with your fiancé arrived. The one who awaited you at your fiancé’s mansion was a young man with cold eyes. And his face was exactly alike to Hiiragi Kain.

(Honestly, I’m trying to control the projects I’ve started and I debated hard on whether I wanted to translate this series. But I caved because the writer is godly, okay, and these stories are so evocative and touching, especially Vol2 and Vol3. Mikado Ren is also the scriptwriter who did the Rouge et Noir series which owns my soul. FORGOT TO WARN THIS IS R18!!)

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Nureba no Ie no Tatarikon ~ Spring: Thirst ~

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Matsumoto Shouwa (松本 正和)
CV: Satou Takuya (佐藤 拓也)

The Cursed Marriage of the Black House

I’ve been living up to now imagining what kind of woman you were.

While moving through various places, that one thought comforted my heart.

Spring, I knew it was you with one glance.

When everything is done, there are things to talk about.

You and this pitch-black house are mine. I won’t hand it over to anyone anymore.

(Surprise!! I really really shouldn’t be doing this but OH MY GOD. THIS IS MY DRAMA CD SERIES OF 2017!! This is such a dark and tragic story but so so so good with the reveals and just… drama. So much drama. I’m actually setting up for Valentines by getting this guy out of the way first LOL. WARNING: dark themes and it’s R18.)


Dark desires and cursed blood leads these men to that house–

The jet-black household called Tani, which had stood since the beginning, does not give birth to men.

Therefore it was a rule to take in a son-in-law from another household.

The daughter of the Tani household is beautiful.

Like moths drawn to the light, four men came forward.

And, once again, the seasons pass.

Stage Setting:

A jet-black house coated all over in the deepest black.

In a mountain village in a certain prefecture the Tani household was known to be wealthy; however due to a long-established custom, they were avoided.

After the death of the head of the house, the mother and daughter of the Tani household constantly searched for a successor.

What appeared there was–

I’m going to go over and beyond with this series translation so I’ll be translating their character profiles and descriptions too :’)). My heart for these men. It’s best to read this series in order to get the impact of the reveals.

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Dear Vocalist ~ Re-o-do ~

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Re-o-do (レオード)
CV: Masuda Toshiki (増田 俊樹)

(I’m doing this series to keep things fresh >< I promise I’m still working on LN translations in-between these. Anyway, I have three best boys in this series that I wanted to share with everyone but to fully appreciate them… you have to experience the rest of the guys LOL which is why I’ve picked this series up. Also, dammit, Rejet released a 3rd season of these boys!)

Story premise is that these 6 boys have bands that are managed by Climax Records and though they have talent they have… their own problems. One day, the music executive (or executive producer) tells the boys that this is their last song. And so they’re all betting their survival on these last songs. Can you, as their girlfriend, support them? (Each boy has a different girlfriend).

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Light Beyond ~ Afterword ~

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I really respect this writer’s skill, so I figured I might as well translate her afterwords too because they’re amusing and give some insight into this story’s journey.

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Light Beyond ~ Character Page ~

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Here are the character pages for the first volume of this series! They actually appear at the front of the book, but I decided to show them at the end because they spoil who you’ll be seeing in the book, so… Anyway, I’ve included the way character names are spelled in Japanese too so you can make fun of my romanization (LOL) and so that you can match the names with the images.

EDIT: I should probably put a warning that seeing the pictures may destroy the picture you already created in your head for these characters, oops.

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Light Beyond ~ Chapter Eleven ~

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This was Asyut’s first time going to this jail.

Originally, this place was nothing more than a temporary detention facility for those who caused trouble in the royal palace. Normally, it was a forgotten space where no one entered or exited. Even when there was the occasional imprisoned person they would be properly transferred within a few days. Duo was probably the first person to have stayed in this jail for several weeks.

And that Duo… what was his emotional state as time passed?

When he thought about that, Asyut felt like he could understand a little bit of the emotional whirlpool in Duo. The sorrow of losing a loved one and the pain of being unable to save them. No, it was surely more than that– it must have been a deep and violent feeling of self-condemnation that tormented him, as if he had done it with his own hands. He must be thinking he could never get up again–.

(Duo also hasn’t thought about wanting to be saved, huh.)

People have said that because there are people who wanted to live more but couldn’t, one mustn’t treat their lives poorly. That living itself was something to be rejoiced. But those words only suited one’s own convenience. Why did they not think about the suffering of those people who wanted to die but couldn’t? Why did they have to compare themselves with people who stood in exact opposite positions? It was not always possible for people who were facing the past and forced to face the future to take one step forward.

There was almost no possibility for someone, who was hurt in their heart enough to wish for death, to find hope in themselves. If such a person were able to stand up again…

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Kare to Soine de Shitai Koto Zenbu ~ Nagamine Tamaki ~

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Nagamine Tamaki (永峰 環)
CV: Nakazawa Masatomo (中澤 まさとも)

(I’ve decided on a new Valentines tradition. From now on, I’m going to translate my favorite drama CDs :’) especially now that I’ve finally listened to some fantastic ones that have planted themselves at the top of my list for GOLD STAR content. WARNING: This is R18 so proceed with caution.)

EDIT 2017/05/26: Added the animate and stellaworth tokutens. You’re welcome ;).

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Light Beyond ~ Chapter Ten ~

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Yodel was the only remaining one.

Finally, she attained Asyut and Linus’ cooperation. She was scared to face Yodel for many reasons but there was no way she could run away at this point. Feelings of wanting to hurry and see her, but also of wanting to let this pass by and not see her fought against each other inside Yuna.

Asyut was the one to arrange a face-to-face meeting between her and Yodel. The meeting was inside the tower where Yodel lived and it seemed like Asyut was going to guide her there. Her meeting was going to happen in a short time.

“Lady Celiastina, excuse my intrusion.”

Yuna, who had been looking over the signature list on the sofa, raised her head at Nasha’s voice. Nasha entered the room shyly while pulling a small cart along.

“Um, I am very sorry knowing that you just had breakfast but, if you do not mind, would you like to try this?”

What was revealed was a delicious-looking fruit mousse.

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Light Beyond ~ Chapter Nine ~

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Looking up at the high blue sky Yuna breathed out.

For some time she had been raising her voice and, as one would expect, she wasn’t able to hide her fatigue now.

“Shall we take a short rest, Lady Celiastina?”

Beside her Aeneas looked at Yuna’s state with concern.

Yuna and the others had been running about the next day, and thereafter, collecting signatures. Right now, they had even stretched out to the vicinity of the entrance to the gates of the royal palace and soliciting help from the people who passed by in order to release Duo. Signatures were being collected smoothly and in these few days they had actually exceeded a hundred names from twenty percent of the people going in and out of the royal palace.

“I’m okay, let’s continue on a bit more. We’ll have to return soon anyway.”

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Light Beyond ~ Chapter Eight ~

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It was an unexpected person who moved in this stalemate.

“Lady Celiastina, it looks like Lady Yodel is making a move to save Duo!”

One afternoon, after several days had passed, Nasha came to prepare tea and reported this to Yuna excitedly. Nasha knew about the situation with Duo. Rather, this matter spread throughout the royal palace in the blink of an eye, to the point where there was likely no one who didn’t know about it already. Many sympathized with Duo’s position, but the fact that he pointed a blade at the saint meant that the majority’s view was that there was no choice but to execute him. And so, why Duo hadn’t been executed yet was making everyone suspicious.

It was most likely that not many knew about how the saint was thinking about ways to free him somehow. But, due to Nasha having spent a long time with Yuna, she could sense those feelings. It seemed like she was hoping this information she brought would be able to cheer up Yuna who had been depressed lately.

“By Yodel, do you mean that priestess?”

“Yes! The lady who gave me the pendant I talked about before.”

Yuna was genuinely surprised. Ever since she had been severely rebuked that one time, she hadn’t seen Yodel again but it looked like she had been making her own moves. –And it was to save Duo.

“I hear that she is gathering signatures from those who want Duo to be released. The subject of the movement being what it is appears to make it so they can’t act too publicly, but it seems like she is centered on requesting signatures slowly from the servants and even the nobility.”

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