Jacks or Better ~ No More Bet ~

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Gilles Lagrene (ジル ラグレーン)
CV: 土門熱

Jacks or Better ~ No More Bet ~

As an FBI investigator, you infiltrated the criminal syndicate, House.

During House’s negotiation proceedings, where the fate of the organization was gambled, you were suddenly ordered to transfer to a division in Los Angeles and were given a new mission.

Holding mixed feelings about the way the FBI did things, you boarded the luxury cruise ship, Seventh Heaven, along with the quasi-executive, Gilles Lagrene, in order to carry out your mission—

Huge thank you to an anonymous commissioner! We’re back into the Rouge et Noir world with another Gilles entry. Timeline-wise, this is set during Maximum Bet. R18 warning!

The italics in the list below is because there’s no precise chronological order for them and I’m just guessing. On a side note, Makabe’s VR prologue is still untranslated if anyone wants to… offer LOL kidding kidding.

  • Under the Gun
  • Check in the Dark
  • (Arlen VR)
  • Double Down
  • (Jacks or Better)
  • Eye in the Sky
  • Pure Bluff
  • Second Barrel
  • Implied Odds
  • Maximum Bet
  • (No More Bet)
  • All In
  • Show Down
  • (Makabe VR)

No more bet is a pretty explanatory title. There’s many situations where you’re not allowed to bet anymore, such as being on the last round of poker or if there’s a cap during the raise and betting period, so that no one can bet anymore. It looks like it depends on whether you want to limit people’s bets or not.

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