Hana no Yomeiri ~ Amazake-kitan Hakuja-roku ~

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Natsume (棗芽)
CV: 河村眞人

Marriage of the Flower Bridge ~ Mysterious Stories of Fermented Rice Wine: White Snake Record ~

“Even though it’s a strange place, it’s like a birthplace for me.”

Natsume, a jewelry designer, was reserved about his marriage with you.

While he worked, he also personally designed your ring and tiara, but he started to show uneasiness as the preparations continued. The reason why was because he still hid how he was the “spirit vessel of the White Snake God”.

However, due to an occasion, you both stepped into the world of the White Snake God and Natsume showed you his true form…

Thank you to anonymous for the commission, especially because this is one of my favorites in the series. MORE. MONSTER [REDACTED]! R18 warning and, if you squint, bestiality. You can also get this on DLsite.

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Katsuai Gunjin ~ Kibishii Joukan ni Shigokarete ~

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Kaminaga Rihito (神永 理人)
CV: 久喜大

Thirsting Soldier ~ Worked Hard by your Strict Superior Officer ~

After completing your mission, you were summoned by Rihito, your superior officer and your lover.

When you arrived in the office, Rihito was angry and you were given a warning about trying to use a honey trap during your mission.

You told him you couldn’t agree with that and Rihito took out the rope that hung at his waist…

Thank you to Nicole for the commission! R18 warning and bondage. I cannot stress how much I love the art for this series, because what they do to the apple is their kink and it’s clever LOL. You can grab this on JP DLsite (there doesn’t seem to be an ENG one but, at any rate, the two sites are merging so I’ll only link the JP side hereafter).

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Luciole no Hime ~ Neuro Paptism ~

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Neuro Paptism (ネウロ・パプテスマ)
CV: Masuda Toshiki (増田 俊樹)

Princess of Luciole ~ Neuro Paptism ~

A violent and arrogant prince who wears a crown of thorns. He always has a doll in one hand. He is familiar with the grand Luciole Castle, but is dissatisfied at being unable to leave. It’s said he strikes his doll whenever he’s displeased. He treats you harshly as well but… he’s not good with women because he distrusts them.

I’m making this post to keep the series in order, but I’ll be plopping mikorin’s translation here. Again, I highly recommend listening to this series in order. WARNING: Macabre depictions. Below is a translation of Neuro’s CD booklet. I don’t think it matters as to whether you read these things before or after the CD, both provide insights.

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Noumitsu Sasayaki Sex ~ Kodomo ga Neta ato, Fuufu no Shinshitsu de ~

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Hanamura Yuuya (花村悠也)
CV: 羽柴礼

Intense Whispering Sex ~ In the couple’s bedroom, after the child is asleep ~

It’s been 7 years since you married your beloved man, Hanamura Yuuya.

You work hard outside while your husband struggles with housework and child raising.

On a weekend night, he welcomes you home when you come back after work… and tells you with a smile that the children were already put to sleep, so you’ll have to play with them lots tomorrow.

It’s been a long time since you spent a relaxing night alone together as a married couple.

A little tired, his large hand, which you love, is always your support and pats you with a “there, there”.

“What, are you embarrassed because it’s been a while?”

Thank you to mariezli for the commission! R18 warning. You can grab this on ENG DLsite or JP DLsite. The image… should be okay, right? LOL. I mean, it’s like borderline spicy but it’s not like anything is REALLY showing? I swear a good chunk of my working time is spent trying to decide if I should put up an image or not.

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Tiny summer days

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Nakarai Wataru (半井 渉)
CV: 二枚貝ほたて

Tiny summer days

A freshman in the Faculty of Education, you belonged to a club called “Handmade Toy Research Group”.

This was because the toy exhibition at last year’s school festival left an impression on you.

The club leader, Wataru, flirts with you saying “Be my girlfriend” at every opportunity, but personally you feel like “Isn’t he just messing with me?”.

In order to develop toys to display at the school festival, the club ended up holding a training camp during the summer holiday.

This training camp led to an occasion that let you know the “real Wataru”—

Thank you to anonymous for the commission! R18 warning and this is super cute and fluffy except… the animate tokuten borders a bit on child roleplay gone too far. The heroine stops it in the middle but this is just a heads up.

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Mechakucha Shitai 2 ~ Yancha na Kare wa Hokenshitsu no Juunin ~

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Nishizono Harumi (西園 春海)
CV: テトラポット登

I Want to Mess You Up 2 ~ The Rascal is a Resident of the Infirmary ~

As the school nurse, you never know what to do with your frequenter student, Nishizono Harumi.

One day, while you were outside, you saw him in formal clothes.

Just when you wondered in surprise, “Why is he here?”, he grabbed your hand and brought you to a balcony where there were no eyes…!?

“Heh, isn’t this bad? You have a fiance, but you kissed a student. —That you didn’t refuse me means you’re complicit. I don’t care but… what’ll happen if everyone else finds out about this?”

This is a love story for adults about a romance with a rascal younger man.

Thank you to anonymous for the commission! R18 warning.

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Nante Suteki na Happy End ~ Satou Haruomi ~

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Satou Haruomi (佐藤 春臣)
CV: 久喜大

What a Wonderful Happy End ~ Satou Haruomi ~

The heroine works hard diligently every day, despite working for a company that exploits its employees.

Today, she tried to leave the bed to go to work again but was stopped by her lover, Haruomi.

He whispered to her, as she tried to go out, “There’s no need to go outside, is there?” and pressed her down into the bed, refusing to let go.

His insistence was as if he was confining the heroine…

Thank you to Kylie for the commission! R18 warning. It starts off a bit unsettling, but everything is revealed sweetly (?) in the last track LOL.

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Dear Vocalist Wired ~ Joshua ~

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Joshua (ヨシュア)
CV: Shimazaki Nobunaga (島崎 信長)

Dear Vocalist Wired ~ Joshua ~

The Vocalists Sing ♥ In the Last Live of Their Fates

There are six vocalists registered as bands at “Climax Records”, a music production company.

The six sold their CDs reasonably well and avoided being dismissed. However, President Panda couldn’t be satisfied with that alone. One day, President Panda gave an even further ultimatum.

For preparations of a flashy live, the six vocalists must satisfy their colleagues at the company, the audience, and contribute to sales up to the day of the live.

“Y’all, and the new member, must contribute up to the day of the live, meow. Or else you’ll really, really be disbanded, meow.”

Talented, but carrying various problems, these men and their survival, hinging on this last live, starts now!!

Another thank you to Lux for the second commission of this series. Joshua is the new member that enters during Wired (and replaces Ciel, which I’m totally not salty about…)! WARNING: Self-harm depiction.

Note1: His band is called Brave Child (shortened into Burecha in Japanese) and his fans are his “devils”. He actually peppers English and katakana throughout his speech so, while I’ll do my best to convey his speech in plain text, please keep that in mind.

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Kaidou-ke no Shuubun #2

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Kaidou Osamu (皆藤 修)
CV: 脳無々

Kaidou Reiji (皆藤 玲二)
CV: 杉山純

The Kaidou Family Scandal

Your relationship with the two men continues without change.

Osamu, the older brother, envelops you extremely gently while Reiji, the younger brother, desires you intensely to the end.

Either one you marry, if you can, would be an ideal marriage in their own way. That is what seems to weaken your resolution. Do you go for a relationship which has been softly nurtured or do you go for a longing intense enough to rob away everything.

Which person do your feelings lean towards?

Thank you to Yunfa for the commission! R18 warning and light incest, shaving. I am tackling the entire compilation, which is made up of three volumes, and you can grab this on ENG DLsite or JP DLsite.

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Masquerade ~ Seigi ~

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Clovis Orlandi (クロヴィス・オルランディ)
CV: 河村眞人

Masquerade ~ Justice ~

The second son of the Orlandi House, a lineage of knights, and the captain of the Imperial Knights, who guard the Duke of Aldonaut and his house.

Because he was born to enlist into the Imperial Knights, he frequently visited the duke’s house since childhood and often played with you, eight years his junior, as a childhood friend and caretaker.

Presently, he shows no traces of those times and serves you as a strict knight, as well as severely admonishing you.


“I will protect you with my body, soul, and everything I place my pride on—“

In the Kingdom of Tilia, it was decided that you, a daughter of the Aldonaut House, was to marry into the royal Laurus House in the neighboring country.

To celebrate your marriage a masquerade ball, which was in fashion, was held.

It was a gorgeous night where resplendently dressed men and women wearing masks were covered in the smell of secrets.

It should have been your last enjoyable memory of freedom as an unmarried daughter—

But chaos descended on the masquerade ball when displeased countrymen intruded without warning.

You escaped into an anteroom during the mayhem, but what you saw there was a bloody and collapsed duke, your father— and your younger half-brother, Leo, who raised his hand against him.

Thank you to Jasper for the commission! R18 warning and nothing too bad in terms of warning, uh, there’s chastity belts, some lack of hygiene, and just a bit of watersports involved in the bad end tokuten though? Just in case that bothers anyone. On another note, you can also get this on DLsite but it seems like JP side only.


[The Duke of Aldonaut]

This house has the right to inherit the throne as a branch of the royal Tilia House.

Their lineage repeatedly married within itself and produced a great number of “Bloody Queens” as a result of a bloodline fallen into madness and, due to this, they have now reduced the frequency of their close marriages.

Despite Duke Aldonaut having a status second to the royal house, due to producing many Queens in the past, the legend of “The Bloody Queen” does not allow members of the Aldonaut House to inherit the throne.

[The Bloody Queen]

The daughter of the Aldonaut House who married Tilia’s Fourth Prince 400 years ago.

She was an unparalleled beauty, whose appearance could even ruin a country.

The First, Second, and Third Princes either died young or lost the fight to succession, and so it was the Fourth Prince who inherited the throne. The duke’s court rank ascended in an instant upon his daughter becoming queen and he was prosperous.

Eventually, the queen descended into madness and, using her charm, emasculated the king and controlled the royal house with him as her puppet. At the same time, she ruled over the people in tyranny and bound the country’s people with terror.

Not only did imprisonment and execution become a daily part of the royal capital, but the queen herself began to torture slaves to death for her own enjoyment.

It escalated after that to gathering and bathing in the blood of young men, collecting jars of excised organs and genitals, and she was said to have plausibly transformed into a grotesquely sexual deviant.

[The Kingdom of Laurus]

The country located next to the Kingdom of Tilia, ruled by the royal Laurus House.

It is a small country similar to Tilia, but their national powers rival each other. Presently, both countries are maintaining peace after the war which occurred 50 years ago, but the antagonism at the center of the older generation remains behind and there is a sense of tension similar to treading on thin ice.

This whole series is interconnected, by the way, with an amazing twist in the last volume. But it’s not really necessary to listen to them in order. They just sort of mention the actions the other men were taking in the previous volume(s).

IMPORTANT NOTE: I’m re-arranging the track orders to account for the tokutens and finishing with the happy end, so please note the changed track numbers if you’re listening along to this translation. Thank you!

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Miss Appraiser and the Gallery Demon 2 ~ Afterword ~

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Okay, now I’m truly done with this book. Thank you all for coming on this journey with me! There’s actually a short skit about John and Riz in here too.

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Miss Appraiser and the Gallery Demon 2 ~ Character Page ~

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Character Page

The usual warning applies to not look at this unless you want your mental image irrevocably changed about some characters LOL although Riz and John look just like they do in the cover.

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Miss Appraiser and the Gallery Demon 2 ~ Epilogue ~

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Epilogue: Desired Days

Riz and John gathered their luggage and headed to the highland town.

Upon reaching it, they went to the trade union and arranged for a carriage.

However, because it was in the night, it took some time to prepare. During this time, Riz and the others waited inside the trade union’s lounge. Incidentally, John’s wings were washed at a well.

Julius, who had come with them up to here, received the wine they ordered from an employee of the trade union.

“Please have some, you two.”

“Thank you.”

Riz accepted one, took a drink, and looked at him.

“By the way, Mr. Julius, how do you feel about drawing paintings at my art gallery?”

His talent was still a bud and whether it can bloom or not was unknowable at this stage. But Riz thought about it again. Perhaps it could improve dramatically.

Julis fell silent with a complicated look. Riz waited patiently for his answer and John also didn’t open his mouth.

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Miss Appraiser and the Gallery Demon 2 ~ Chapter Five ~

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Chapter Five: The Hollow Saint

Over the next few days, Riz and John checked the paintings and statues in the painting studio and church.

However, they couldn’t find a single suspicious distorted painting. The demon who killed Petron also hadn’t been seen ever since that night.

Riz and John were on their way back after sneaking into the storage building beside the studio at midnight to check the paintings stored there. John muttered with a complicated look, “Should we return to the capital for the time being?”.

“We can’t go back yet. We haven’t found anything, not the distorted painting, the demon, or the contractor.”

Riz looked at John, who was leading her by the hand, and shook her head.

“However, it will be difficult to stay here any longer. Because we have the backing of the Milton family no one is saying anything on the surface, but even the priests are beginning to suspect whether or not we came here for a different purpose.”

“That’s… true.”

She hadn’t thought it would be this difficult.

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NoT Release

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Tachinaga Ataru (立永 与)
CV: 河村眞人

Hayase Tsutomu (早瀬 努)
CV: 三重奏

NoT Release

Three years prior, you married an older man who was your boss at your workplace. Your husband had a child from his previous marriage, Hayase Tsutomu.

Because he was at the sensitive age of an university student, you were worried that you wouldn’t be able to get along with Tsutomu at first, but he grew attached to you and nowadays you have warm and peaceful days. Tsutomu’s best friend, Tachinaga Ataru, also loves you like a mother and every day is filled with happiness.

However, Tsutomu found himself falling in love with you, his stepmother, and consulted Ataru about this. His feelings grew larger day by day until, one night, he assaulted you under the influence of being drunk.

Despite the worst-case scenario being avoided thanks to Ataru’s coincidental visit, Tsutomu fled from the house, driven by self-blame.

“That was a terrible experience, huh.”

The moment you were relieved at Ataru’s kind words, he threw out something unexpected.

“Just kidding. Haha, you and Tsutomu are way too simple.”

Everything was a planned trap… Ataru’s love, which he concealed even from Tsutomu, became twisted and he descended on you—

Thanks to Madame for the commission! R18 warning and this series is all about the NTR (having a relationship with someone who is already in a relationship, essentially stealing them), which is why they capitalized the title the way they did. So, uh, beware of cheating (NTR) themes, bondage, blackmail, and dubcon here LOL.

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