Rouge et Noir ~ Second Barrel ~

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Makabe Ryo (真壁 亮)
CV: Yamanaka Masahiro (山中 真尋)

It’s been about one year after the flood of the new strain of drug, Rouge et Noir. The crime syndicate, House, has lost the majority of its active bases as a result of the investigation from the Narcotics Control Division of the Port and Harbour Ministry of Welfare, and that series of events is heading to an end.

During this, Makabe Ryo, a narcotics officer belonging to the Special Criminal Investigations Department (also known as SCID), and you, a narcotics officer in the same division and the “buddy” of Makabe, seize unexpected drugs in a separate investigation. It is a liquid variant of Rouge et Noir, known as Second Barrel.

You and Makabe obtain information that the seized Second Barrel is being sold at the headquarters of the Chinese mafia, Xiang Mao, and so you two infiltrate an underground casino in Macau in order to expose this, but–.

(Thank you to kay for the translation commission!! This is the 6th volume in the Rouge et Noir series so we’re going back in time and things are out of order, but shhh. WARNING: This is R18.)

Second Barrel, or more commonly known as Double Barrel, is a bluffing or semi-bluffing move. Sorry, we’re going to have to dive into some more poker knowledge here. There are many variants of poker but a very popular one among casinos is Texas Hold’em (which I’m sure Makabe’s CD is based off of because of the terms), where players are dealt two cards and then there’s 5 community cards face-down on the table. The goal is to create the strongest 5-card hand using your two cards + the 5 on the table. The community cards are revealed after turns in the order of “flop” (3 cards), “turn” (4th card), and “river” (5th and last card).

Now, the game opens when a person makes a bet. Then others can either fold to exit out, call to match that bet, or raise to increase the bet. Now, bear with me, the person who raises in this round is called the “pre-flop raiser” (or original raiser in Arlen’s CD). And then, once the flop happens and 3 cards are revealed, this person bets again to do a “continuation bet”. And then, once the turn happens and the 4th card is revealed, this person bets again to become the “Second Barrel”.

Basically, the whole point of this is to actually bully the other players into folding because they’re scared of how aggressive you are LOL and they think you have a strong hand. But the Second Barrel is doing this regardless of whether they’ve made a hand on the table or not. Hence, a bluffing or semi-bluffing move since you could very well end up with a strong hand.

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Dear Vocalist ~ (2)You ~

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You (ユゥ)
CV: Hanae Natsuki (花江 夏樹)

(DONEZO!! Hope you guys enjoyed this series as much as I did. I think I bit off more than I can chew with my current projects though so I’ll probably hold off on the second season until I make some more progress on the other projects. GOMEN CIEL!!)

Story premise is that these 6 boys have bands that are managed by Climax Records and though they have talent they have… their own problems. One day, the music executive (or executive producer) tells the boys that this is their last song. And so they’re all betting their survival on these last songs. Can you, as their girlfriend, support them? (Each boy has a different girlfriend).

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Period Cube ~ Poyopoyo ~

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Poyopoyo (ポヨポヨ)
CV: Toriumi Kousuke (鳥海 浩輔)

(MY FAVORITE ONE IN THE SERIES. It’s not a spoiler because they’ve revealed it in the scans and character page, which is that Poyopoyo’s true form is Kazuha’s brother. Also, this is the first time I’m doing this but TRIGGER WARNING: there is a torture scene in this CD and lots of bloody sound effects. His brotherly affection is on par with Wabisuke from Gekka Ryouran Romance.)

Background: Kazuha wakes up in a dungeon and has this mysterious informant monster thing that floats around and helps her figure out how to play the game. It’s soon revealed that he’s her brother in disguise and he seems to have some knowledge of the things that are going around in World V.

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Diabolik Lovers ~ Sakamaki Shu ~

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Sakamaki Shu (逆巻 シュウ)
CV: Toriumi Kousuke (鳥海 浩輔)

(So.. it’s been a really long journey. Can you believe that it’s been 6 months since I’ve worked on these translations since only one came out every month? When I write it down like this it makes me feel kind of amazed at how quickly the time passed. Sorry for how long it took to get this one out. Life can be blamed as usual.

Anyway, Shu is an interesting character by himself. However in this CD, because of his apathetic nature, Rejet made Yui a super creepy heroine. HOLY CRAP. All of my sympathy for her is gone because of how much she harassed Shu here. At any rate, I felt like I did a good job on this translation and there isn’t much to note since Shu talks normally. Also, I have no idea if I’m going to translate the Versus series, but I have a long time to think about it (・ω\).)

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