Watashi no

Watashi no Seitaishi-san

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Yamada Jirou (山田 二郎)
CV: 久喜大

My Chiropractor

Exhausted by work, the heroine suddenly discovered a newly opened chiropractic clinic one day.

She entered without much thought, but the person who greeted her was a strong-muscled young man, who wouldn’t be thought of to be a chiropractor.

Daunted, the heroine tried to turn right back around and leave, but she was held back by the guarantee of his treatment skills, and so she reluctantly accepted a massage.

When she did, it happened that his treatment skills really were reliable, and her body and mind were relaxed.

Since then, she was charmed by his skills as a chiropractor and became a repeat customer, but one day the boundary of the two’s relationship began to change…

This is an ordinary, everyday love comedy of two people, who swore to never fall in love again.

Shout out to an anonymous commissioner for this! Dusk has created some lighthearted works to offset all their darker ones and this is actually my first time checking this series out too, so this’ll be exciting. You can grab it on the English DLsite or the Japanese DLsite.

R18 content warning. I don’t think there’s any triggers, but uh orgasm denial does feature in this? Dominant heroine?

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