Yuuwaku no Hibi

Seitokai ~ Yuuwaku no Hibi ~

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Kuse Kazuma (久世 一真)
CV: 三重奏

Saijou Hikaru (西条 光)
CV: 三楽章

Kuse Souji (久世 総司)
CV: 蒼山雅宗

Student (Conquest) Council ~ Days of Seduction ~

The heroine, who attended the private Yamana Academy, cheated during a test in order to protect someone. The one who saw that was the student council president, Saijou Hikaru. Because he was popular to the point of being called a “prince” by everyone, he was a respected male student. However, in actuality, he is a man like a devil… and he approached the heroine with a cruel deal.

“I have a request for you. Oh, it’s nothing difficult. Go and seduce Kuse Kazuma.”
“This is an aphrodisiac in development. Once it’s drunk, a person can only think about doing 

From the start, the heroine admired Kuse Kazuma and so she refused, saying she couldn’t do that to someone she liked. However, Saijou Hikaru thrust forward a reason the heroine couldn’t refuse and threatened her.

The heroine, who had no choice but to accept his demands, made Kazuma drink the drug with a desperate resolve but…

“Now that things are like this, I need to apologize to your parents as well. I’ll take responsibility on the way too…!”
“How about we pretend to be lovers for a while?”

—The story tumbles in a direction the heroine could not have imagined.

Thanks to an anonymous for the commission! R18 warning but Kazuma is another lighthearted one in this universe. You can grab this on ENG DLsite or JPN DLsite. I feel like I need to create a separate page to keep track of all the Kankinkon stuff… LOL.

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